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“Immaterials: the Ghost in the Field” is about the exploration of the spatial qualities of RFID technology, which is meticulously visualized through an RFID probe, long exposure photography and animation. In order to study the readable volume around an RFID reader, Timo Arnall [] and Jack Schulze [] built experimental probes that would flash an LED light when they successfully read an RFID tag. The readable volume is not the same as the radio field, instead it shows the space within the field in which an RFID tag and an RFID reader will interact with each other. In a dark room, the probes were moved around the various RFID tags and readers, with a camera taking long-exposure photographs of the resulting patterns of light. In this way, layers were built up by slicing through the field in different ways, creating animations that clearly reveal the spatial properties of this interaction.

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